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Review Restaurant The Elephant Ubud

The Elephant is the word of mouth new hot spot in Bali's cultural capital Ubud.  Open breakfast, lunch and dinner every day the Elephant serves food that is healthy and sustainable but delicious and decadent. Barista coffees, delicious cakes and stylish surrounds make it a destination to linger in. The menu ranges from fresh and interesting wholefood salads to spicy Asian noodles and stir fries, classic Mediterranean polenta, pasta and antipasto. Come once and we are sure you will come again. And this is our review a few days ago in The Elephant Restaurant , per set is price 250k, i hope you enjoyed it :) Set 1 : Stickey Rice Pudding ( with Fresh Mango & Coconut Sauce) :  My favourit dish Stickey Mango. Stickey Rice with manggo slices and coconut milk, very delicious. Sour from mango but sweet from stickey and coconut milk. Good taste. Rice Paper Roll ( with mint, peanut sauce & homemade sweet chili) : Well i hink it's same like

Review Kakiang Bakery Ubud

A few days ago, I and my family went to Ubud for tour. Of course for tasting another pastry in Kakiang Bakery Ubud . We do not need to hard to find this place, because red logo color easily to found. Before I come here, I've browsing in the internet about pastry,food, and drink was recommended in here. And my friends suggest me to try Parfait Strawberry and Gourmet pizza because it’s very delicious. Okay, when I was first time come in there, I welcomed by some maid. The smells was good, aroma of bakery and cake felt at here. Good Place Another cakes Donuuuts! Red Logo of Kakiang Bakery & Cafe Hulaa, it's me :) My Assessment of Kakiang Bakery : Location : Good, and easy to found Place : Clean, Characteristically, Design interior simple but cozy Dish : Flavor : Overall Good,nothing makes me disappointed Appearance : Simple, there is an element of art in the  arrangement of dish. Maturity Level : Enough Fresh/N