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Review Kakiang Bakery Ubud

A few days ago, I and my family went to Ubud for tour. Of course for tasting another pastry in Kakiang Bakery Ubud. We do not need to hard to find this place, because red logo color easily to found. Before I come here, I've browsing in the internet about pastry,food, and drink was recommended in here. And my friends suggest me to try Parfait Strawberry and Gourmet pizza because it’s very delicious.

Okay, when I was first time come in there, I welcomed by some maid. The smells was good, aroma of bakery and cake felt at here.

Good Place

Another cakes


Red Logo of Kakiang Bakery & Cafe

Hulaa, it's me :)

My Assessment of Kakiang Bakery :

  • Location : Good, and easy to found
  • Place : Clean, Characteristically, Design interior simple but cozy

Dish :

  • Flavor : Overall Good,nothing makes me disappointed
  • Appearance : Simple, there is an element of art in the arrangement of dish.
  • Maturity Level : Enough
  • Fresh/No : So fresh :)
  • Time to Serve : Quick
  • Rec/No : Recommended

On the top, Strawberry Shortcake

Best Strawberry Shortcake! Very Recommended

Tiramisu On the Top

Yummy, tiramisuuu

It's look sexy Strawberry Shortcake slice. (22k)

Cakes :
  • Strawberry Shortcake (Rank.1) : Awesome cake. Strawberry Shortcake the most delicious of the cake than I have ever tasted. Slice of strawberry so fresh and sour combined with sweet cream but doesn't make nauseated. Texture cake is soft. Recommended.
  • Cream Puff ( Rank.2) : Nice Cake. Crispy puff with cold creamy cream. Not very sweet, enough. My favorite cake, You must try this cake. Oh yeah, cream puff with slice of fruits is recommended too.
  • Chocolate Danish (Rank.3) : How good this danish on this one? Well, if you really loves chocolate, i suggest you to try Chocolate Danish. If we see, same like danish in general, but that distinguishes is the cream full of chocolate. I really like it.
  •  Rare Cheesecake (Rank.4) : And the last is rare cheesecake. Cheesecake with sour lemon, so fresh. Try this cake if you love cheesecake or lemon :)

Rare Cheesecake (24k)

Chocolate Danish (12k). Danis was delicious
and full of cream chocolate

Puff Vanilla (15k).
My Favorite

Kakiang Gourmate Pizza (28k).

And how about Kakiang Gourmate Pizza? The taste was as awesome. Slice of fresh tomatoes, garlic, mushrooms and mozzarella cheese very strong but delicious. Crispy pizza and melted cheese on the top of pizza. Recommended.

Another drinks in Kakiang Bakery & Cafe Ubud

Parfait & Drinks :

  • Strawberry Parfait : Attractive outer appearance, funny, it feels so good. In parfait there cornflakes, fruit pieces are large and ripe strawberry,ice cream and whipped cream on the top parfait. Recommended.
  • Japanese Matcha Parfait : Which distinguishes strawberry parfait with japanese parfait is matcha. Matcha very soft, there is a strawberry parfait in slices, matcha, green tea ice cream, cornflakes, and on the top is whipped cream and decorated with pieces of strawberries.
Drinks :

  • Iced Tropical Tea (25k) : Recommended! Fresh and there are fruit slices like papaya, pineapple, etc.
  • Kakiang Mix Juice (22k) : Must try. I like it :)
  • Avocado (22k) : Same like avocado juice in general. But not very sweet, and not many water.
  • Strawberries Smoothies : Healthy drink. The taste are sour, sweet.
Note :
* Minuman disini rata-rata penuh dengan berbagai macam buah, salah satunya adalah buah strawberry. Yang membuat saya kagum juga buah strawberry yang dipakai adalah pilihan. Warnanya merah marun, asam manis dan ukurannya besar. Salah satu contoh hidangan yang ada banyak strawberrynya adalah Parfait, jadi jangan segan-segan buat kalian yang suka strawberry wajib coba parfait

Parfait Strawberry (28k)  = Fly

Taraaa! Japanese Matcha Parfait (30k)

Must try! I'm speechless because of this Parfait

Hands in frame

Another foods, cakes, and drinks

Want this parfait? No way :p

Chocolate Danish

Say "Hi" to my baby BBQ Chicken Pizza
20cm = 42k. 30cm = 52k

With Ms.Kaoru as Oprational Manager
in Kakiang Bakery, nice to meet you


Pengosekan Street, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali
Tlp : 0361-978984
Fax : 62-361-971549
Email :

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