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Review Restaurant The Elephant Ubud

The Elephant is the word of mouth new hot spot in Bali's cultural capital Ubud. Open breakfast, lunch and dinner every day the Elephant serves food that is healthy and sustainable but delicious and decadent. Barista coffees, delicious cakes and stylish surrounds make it a destination to linger in.

The menu ranges from fresh and interesting wholefood salads to spicy Asian noodles and stir fries, classic Mediterranean polenta, pasta and antipasto.Come once and we are sure you will come again.

And this is our review a few days ago in The Elephant Restaurant , per set is price 250k, i hope you enjoyed it :)

The Elephant Vegetarian Restaurant Ubud Bali

Set 1 :

  • Stickey Rice Pudding ( with Fresh Mango & Coconut Sauce) :  My favourit dish Stickey Mango. Stickey Rice with manggo slices and coconut milk, very delicious. Sour from mango but sweet from stickey and coconut milk. Good taste.
  • Rice Paper Roll ( with mint, peanut sauce & homemade sweet chili) : Well i hink it's same like Gado-gado in Indonesia, because it use vegetables, tofu and peanut sauce. Vegetable soft and tasty because peanut sace.
  • Pad Thai ( the classic with tofu, eggs, bean sprout and chives) : Sour taste of pad thai is very special, accompanied with sprouts, mashed beans, pepper, suitable as a complement. But i think pad thai in Thailand better than in here.It's ok, nice taste.
  • Mango Dragon Fruit Smoothie : If you like fruit juice and combination with yoghurt, i suggest you to try this drink. Sweet and sour. Recommended

Stickey Rice Pudding

Rice Paper Roll

Pad Thai

Mango Dragon Fruit Smoothie

Set 1 on the top, yummy

The food is fantastic and the view is beautiful. Although the good spots were taken we loved this place. We hung around in the hanging chair. Ate a healthy menu. The bamboo straw I like it but I guess it comes with the type of restaurant.

Set 2 :

  • Larb ( Tofu, Lime, shallots, chilli &lemongrass served in lettuce cup with mint & toasted ground rice ) : texture resembling minced meat with lemon flavor that stands out and fresh with the scent of lime.
  • Sweet Potato Fritter  ( Golded fritter with yoghurt olive oil sauce and mango radicchio slaw) : sweet potato flavor, I love it, plus cream mayonnaise + + mint and red cabbage salad. Overall i like this menu. Recommended
  • Raw Chocolate Pie ( with strawberry coulish ) : Chocolate pie plus soft cream and in the grated is coconut and decorated with strawberry, sauce strawberry. My favourite dessert. Very recommended. I Can't resist it.
  • Ginger Lime Cooler : Fresh air and refresh your mind with this drink. Warm ginger mixture in the throat and a sour taste of lemon.


Sweet Potato Fritter

Raw Chocolate Pie

Set 2 on the top,nomnom

Currently enjoying the raw chocolate pie at Elephant. Wonderful views and veggie dishes in abundance.

Set 3 :

  • Beetroot Carpaccio ( With walnut, rocket, red capsicum, fetta cheese, balsamic and vinaigrette) : vegetables ricolla, if you like vegetable you can try this menu.
  • Potato Gnocchi (  with burnt sage butter, spinach, and toasted almond) : My very very favourite dish! it's full of cheese. If you like cheese like me, i suggest you must try this menu. Hmm.. it's make me hungry again...
  • Raw Mango Cheese Cake ( with mango coulish ) : Maybe you can call me dessertarian haha. You know, i love all dessert in The Elephant Ubud. Very recommended! 
  • RSL Cooler (with rossela) : Unique and special drink. Previously I have never drink like this drink. Maybe you can choose this drink to accompany your relax day.

R.S.L Cooler + Rossela = Healthy

Beetroot Carpaccio

Potato Gnocchi

Raw Mango Cheese Cake

Set 3 on the top, delicious

Full of cheese, i love it

I am not a vegetarian, but my partner review were feeling 
clean today. Plus the restaurant was part of our hotel. Food 
was good, people were nice, view was good and honestly if I
 was a vegetarian :)

Set 4 :

  • Grilled Polenta ( with mashed potato, rocket and mushroom sauce ) : polenta is gentle flavor, made from corn starch. Delicious sauce! recommended. Mashed potato is soft, creamy and there are savory saltiness of the cheese permesan. Decorated with leaves Ricola. My favorite dish number 2.
  • Gyoza ( Steam fried japanese dumpling with ginger edamame and tofu. In lime, honey and soy broth) : texture tofu minced like minced meat, coupled with chunks of carrot and soy sauce, lemon and edamame.
  • Cardamon & Ginger Cake : Ginger good for your body. It can make you health. So it's a good idea to combined ginger in cake. So we can enjoy healthy in a slice of cake. Oh yeah garnish are orchid flowers
  • Cococane Cooler : Ginger, with cooler, coco and mint leaves. Good drink, fresh, sour from lemon, mango and sweet from nata de coco. Try this :)

Grilled Polenta


Cardamon & Ginger Cake

Cococane Cooler
Food was delicious-so fresh and tasty. Ginger, lime and lemongrass drink was very good.

Set 4 on the top

The Elephant Ubud, great?

Hi its me :)

It's looks yummy!

Like home, hmm relax

Wonderful chairs

The Elephant view

With Waitress

Cozy place, i like it

I love this place. Good location, good food, cozy, good drinks with a very friendly staff and vegetarian which for me is a big plus. I was never disappointed in their food. We can't resist going back to try desserts! Thank you for repast :) i hope i can visit again here.

Information :

Sanggingan street, Campuhan 

Hotel Taman IndrakilaUbud

Bali 80571Indonesia

Free Wifi

Phone: +62 851-0016-1907

Hours: 8am-10pm

email :

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