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Review Seniman Coffee Studio Ubud, Bali

Ubud is a Bali lies midway between the ocean and the mountains and between the imagined and the real. Ubud it’s same like Kuta and Seminyak, good for staying or travelling. Ubud has many beautiful nature view like rice field, fresh air, just a little pollution and that’s the reason why Ubud different than Kuta or Seminyak. I love the restaurants and cafes in Ubud. It seems Bali is a popular holiday destination. Seniman Coffee Studio, Ubud is a good choice for relax your day in Ubud.

One of these cafes is Seniman Coffee Studio, started in 2010 by Rodney Glick and David Sullivan. Cafes the world over known for attracting the creative and counter-cultural. This café is no different, in Bahasa Indonesia, seniman means “artist”. So this is our review about Seniman Coffee Ubud :

Good coffee, good life

The Best Hot Latte and Cappucino ! :)

Yummy coffee, I love It

Review about Drinks :
  • Cappucino ( 33k ) : Best coffee in Bali. Overall is good, nice art too. Yummy coffee. Drink coffee and see beautiful street in here, can you imagine that? So cozy.
  • Hot Latte ( 33k) : Recommended Latte. Not strong coffee, enough and nice art. Must try
  • Macchiatto (30k) : Do you like strong coffee? Taste Macchiatto, maybe it can be good recommendation for you. Try this
  • Ice Chocolate (35k) : Don't worry if you hate/dislike coffee, Ice Chocolate could be your recommendation. 

Favourite breakfast, French Toast (33k) 
with ice cream vanilla and strawberry jam

So there're another dish i've tasted :

  • French Toast (33k) : If you want delicious breakfast, try French Toast. Different taste, because they're add cinnamon for aroma and texture of french toast is soft. French Toast is accompany with Ice cream vanilla and strawberry jam, yummy!
  • Crepe Pancake (35k) : I really like pancakes. Craving for good breakfast? Crepe pancake is a good choice. With honey, lime or strawberry jam. I love Pancake with honey, so nice.
  • Java Gado-Gado (45k) : OH MY GOD! Unique gado-gado and the taste is make me speechless. Appearance is like sushi but the taste like gado-gado. Creative! I like combination Gado-gado with peanut sauce, so i recommended to you to try this food :)
  • Panna Cotta (32k) : Soft cream, sweet with berry. so tasty

Crepe Pancake (35k) with honey, lime,
and strawberry jam

Nice pancake :)

Panna Cotta ( 32k) , must try and

Cappucino, best cappucino

Macchiato (30k)

My favourite dish, Java Gado-gado!
Unique but very delicious.

Java Gado-Gado (45k) and Cappucino (33k),
My favourite combination!

Kiss and love for Gado-gado

With Mr.Leo and employee, we're trio macan,
 haha just kidd

Talking with Mr.Leo as Manager
 in Seniman Coffe Studio Ubud

Another cakes in Seniman Coffee Ubud

Me + Rain + Seniman = Happy :)

Red Logo Seniman Coffee Studio

Taraa, feel so enjoy in here

with my best partner, Kresna Suputra

Seniman Coffee Ubud

Seniman Ubud Studio coffee they sell good coffee and also happiness, delightfully odd furniture. They are special, and unique and they deserve to be loved.

If you’re in Bali and planning on a day trip to Ubud, don’t miss this place. I think you’ll love this place. ^^

Seniman Coffee Studio

Jalan Sriwedari No. 5, Ubud, 
Bali 80561, Indonesia

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