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Review Grain Espresso Seminyak

Need something variant menu for breakfast, lunch or dinner in Seminyak area? Come and try menu in Grain Espresso. Grain Espresso is the new face of coffee and food in downtown Seminyak. Located quite hidden, but not so hard to find.

When you entered there you are greeted by a friendly waitress. I was quite impressed with the arrangement and design of the room. The atmosphere is warm and homey, classic design and a beautiful room, nice place i like it.

Sweet Corn Fritters, so tasty. 

And how about combination Sweet Corn 
Fritters with Hydrator? Yummy

Hydrator :D

Home-made Bricher Muesli. I love it

So this is my review about food in there :

  • Sweet Corn Fritters ( with scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, dill creme fraiche, rocket and pine nut salad, finished with a lemon & herb dressing) : What a delicious food! Sweet corn with soft scramble eggs and smoked salmon, so yummy. 
  • Home-made Bricher Muesli (toasted muesli soaked in fresh orange and pineapple juice and yoghurt, served with dried cranberries,goji berries, peppita seeds, coconut and a touch of java honey) : Simple muesli, but very tasteful. If you like muesli you must try this menu. It's make your full and can last a long time.

Harvest :)

Cappuccino art

Hot Latte... nice coffee

You can't buy happiness, but you can
 buy a cup of coffee to make you happy

Food on the top

Review drinks :

Coffee in Grain Espresso ( Graincoffee Philosophy) is using their hand crafted Italian "La Marzocco" coffee machine. They aim to provide you a high quality and consisten cup everyday. They're :

  1. Custom Blend ( Their original blend roasted especially for them) from imported 100% Arabica beans.
  2. Indonesia Single Origin-From Seed to Cup ( From  Toraja, Sulawesi)

Good cafe, homey and comfortable

  • Hot Latte and Cappuccino : Who's craving for a nice cup of coffee? This is the most delicious coffee I ever drank in bali, especially for Latte, Not strong taste, enough. The most suitable time of coffee drunk in the afternoon.

100% Whole Food Organic Food (sugar free)

  • Harvest : kale spinach cucumbar romaine apple ginger lemon. Fresh your body with this drink.
  • Hydrator : Watermelon, coconut, mint. Fresh and i love it because it makes from organic food and free of sugar. sure it can't make you fat and good for healthy

You're what you eat. Delicious foods 

My superrr favourite dessert! 
White Chocolate Parfait! 
I think you must try it ^^

Dessert :

  • White Chocolate Parfait : IT'S AMAZING! I LOVEEE this dessert.  This taste rich of chocolate, sweet and good if pairing with Wine. Best dessert, you must try it. If you're chocolate lovers it's very recommended. 

Heaven on the earth. Come and try guys

With Mr.Adam as Owner in Grain Espresso, 
Seminyak Bali

Grain Espresso has a good service, and I salute with owner Green Espresso, Mr. Adam because he was quickly for immediately intervene to help on there, he is a kind person, and give me more recommendation  and tell about best food in there. Good job, I hope I can visit this place again maybe on next time. :)

Okay i think that's all about Grain Espresso. I hope this post can be a good solution of search place where to eat in Bali. 

Information :

@Grainespressobali (#Grainespresso)
FB : Grain Espresso
Seminyak Street number 16B, 
Open : 8AM-10PM
Phone Number : 0361-730528
5,5% Charge and 10% Tax
Coktail, Spirit, Custom Blend, Wine, Smoothies
Free Wifi

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