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Review Cafe Smorgas Sanur Bali

Good Morning sunshine! Wake up and start your day with delicious and awesome breakfast in Cafe Smorgas. This cafe located in Sanur Bali. It's so nice, after you're finish saw sunrise in Sanur Beach or traveling in Sanur, don't forget to visit Cafe Smorgas and enjoy your breakfast time with your family or your cople. Don't worry all variant food and drinks here is good and i think it's big portion too. 

Well, Cafe Smorgas is open since on 2006. They'll bring you delicious food and healthy drink.
Do you know Cafe Smorgas use plastic straw for reduce waste plastic in this earth. Wow best cafe, go green, i love it. Cozy, warm, kind service and relax cafe.

Cafe Smorgas Sanur Bali

Cozy place

They have any selection of food and healthy juice. And this is my review drinks  recommendation :

  • Detox Me : (Aloe Vera, Ginger Lemon, Mint, Honey) perfect combination. Fresh, detox and healthy drink good for pairing great food. :)
  • Clean Me : (Carrot, Lemon, Ginger, Honey) I think you must try this drink, it's super recommended. Fresh, sour, and a little bit spicy of ginger, favourite.
  • Wheatgrass shot : Unique drink, 1 shot it's same nutrition of 1 kg of fruits. So if you need many nutrition, you can try Wheatgrass shot. Simple drink but you can feel the benefits.
  • Oreo Milkshake : Your children or you want sweet and full cream drink? Try oreo milkshake, sweet but enough to make your day sweet :)
  • Infused Water : Lazy to drink water? Maybe you can try infused water, full nutrition and vitamins. Nice combination : Apple and cinnamon, it's good smell.

Detox Me

Clean Me

Oreo Milkshake

Healthy drink, whitegrass and berry, 
1 shot = 1 kg of fruits

Another fresh juice and drink in Cafe Smorgas

And next it's my review of foods. Big portions, so yummy :

  • Egg Benedict : Amazing taste egg benedict! I think this is the best egg benedict in town i ever eat. Big portion too, so yummy, very recommended! Oh yeah, you can choose egg benedict with fresh salmon or smoked beef :)
  • Beef Lasagna : Feel so hungry? Try Beef Lasagna, it's big portion and delicious menu. Full cheese and creamy.
  • Swedish Meatball : It's traditional food in Swedia. Come and taste it. Yummy meatball with creamy mashed potato, very delicious.

Egg Benedict (64k) Very delicious 
and recommended

Beef Lasagna (69k) Big portion!

Food on the top

Traditional Swedish Meatball (64k)

Love it so much

My favourite dish, Egg Benedict super delicious
 and big portion

Do you know? Cafe Smorgas has a unique menu that the name is "TheViking Burger" for competition. If you can eat it only 8 min.(Big burger + French Fries + Milk Shake) you're the winner and get exclusive T-Shirt from Cafe Smorgas. Wanna try?

The Viking Burger 

Can you eat this only 8 minutes? If you can, 
you can get Exclusive T-Shirt! Wow!

Competition, come on join and if you're 
the winner get exclusive t-shirt

And finally is dessert! Recommended carrot cake and chocolate cheesecake it's best cake ^_^

  • Almond Cake : I love almond, and of course i love almond cake too. Simple cake with crumble almond. And finishing is strawberry sauce. Good for vegan.Sweet but enough :)
  • Chocolate Cheesecake : Rich chocolate fudge, creamy vanila cream, recommended. Nice dessert.
  • Carrot Cake : Best cake! Carrot combination with cinnamon, yummy cake. Not very sweet and enough. Very recommended.

Almond gluten free

Chocolate Cheesecake , so yummy

Carrot Cake, recommended dessert!

Pod Chocolate, try Dark Chocolate it's
 good for your body

Another slice of cakes, anyone?


With Mr.Johan Lassesson as Owner
 in Cafe Smorgas, nice to meet you

Okay guys, i think that's all about my review in Cafe Smorgas. I hope i can visit this cafe again and enjoy my egg benedict, carrot cake and clean drink for my breakfast :)
See you and we love to see you soon again.

Danau Tamblingan Street 
(Near Karang Beach) Sanur Bali.
Open : 6AM-10PM
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack, Cake.

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