Jumat, 01 November 2013

The Best Indonesian Novel 2013 ^_^

Hi guys :D
So, today i would like to tell you about my activities in the holidays. Well, i really like doing many activities, like swimming, reading a novel, playing piano or guitar, shopping, traveling with my friends, singing, browsing or watching horror film. I love horror film, because can make me scream and tense. And i really love love love love novels and comics, it can make me carried away atmosphere, maybe sad, happy, love, hate, or everything.
Okay guys, i want to show you about the best novel i ever seen (popular, or good story).
So here we go :)

1. Laskar Pelangi

*5 stars ;D

  • I think this novel so good, because it can increase your motivation. I suggest you to read this novel

*Love story 4 stars*
  • Do you know this novel? Yes, I do. This girl has the dream of being a writer of fairy tales and all consider it as an ideal that is not fair for a smart student like Kugy. The story is easy to follow and very interesting the reader to keep reading. Narrative style in accordance with the young people. Kugy and Keenan figures in the story is very interesting, and the complexity of their love story as if real. Readers difficult to guess the stories that will happen. The novel does not merely describe love, but also about friendship. Spices friendship presented the author makes the reader want to have such a great friendship in the novel. ^^

 Beautiful Story  *5 stars*
  • Do you like Korean? This novel fits read by teenagers and adults. This novel reveals some famous attractions in South Korea are often used for location filming Korean drama, so we get to know Korea and makes us imagine that as if we also take part in the Korean-style romance. This novel is highly recommended for those interested in Korean and can add to your holiday  and your destination inspiration.

3. Manusia Setengah Salmon (Raditya Dika)

Humor *3.5 stars*

  • I conclude that the author has a unique paradigm in response to an experience or incident that he experienced. The story is told in this book tells the story of moving house, moving family relationships, to move the heart. See also chapter contains writings upset, inconsequential observations, and typical short jokes Raditya Dika. very funny

Ilana Tan, I really love your Novel ! *4 stars*
  • The mandate of the novel: "Although there is nothing else in this world who can you trust, trust that I love you. All my heart". 
  • Well, once again I compare, this novel would be very nice if the reader has not read the novel 4 Seasons - Ilana Tan (Summer in Seoul, Autumn in Paris, in Tokyo Winter, and Spring in London). For those who have read his novel 4 Seasons definitely consider this novel normal or just me who feel that way? Well prove it. :)) Finally, to entertain myself, I also enjoyed this novel from the way of storytelling, word choice, romance, and a description of the character who loves sincerely. Very typical Ilana Tan. :)

And several other novels :

Winter in Tokyo

  1. Refrain *5 stars*
  2. 5 CM *5 stars*
  3. Cintapuccino *4 stars*
  4. Negeri 5 Menara *5 stars*
  5. 9 Matahari *4 stars*
  6. 9 Summer 10 Autumn *4 stars*
  7. Saman *3.5 stars*
  8. Summer in Seoul *5stars
  9. Winter In Tokyo *5 stars*
  10. Cinta Brontosaurus *4 stars*

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